Free Hoverboard Giveaway

Free Hoverboard

Lot of testing going on these hoverboards as many companies are launching their own manufactured boards recently. So before launching testing is a must. So if you are interested in testing these free hoverboards and can provide the answers to the questions asked  after using them, please fill the form and get your free hoverboard today. And these hoverboard scooter giveaways are only for testing and not for re sale.

free hoverboard

Many new brands are emerging  in this hoverboard scooter or self balancing scooter segment. So lot of competition among all those companies. If you seriously want to be a tester, get the free hoverboard here and before getting your free self balancing segway board , you need to fill a short survey to ensure that you meet the requirements of these hoverboards  manufacturers. these boards are available for all countries with free shipping.


After filling the form the manufactures go through your application and then ship the free hoverboards to the qualified applicants. So fill as many forms as you can , to maximize the chances of getting the free hoverboad. These free segway boards are available in various colors. So first select your favorite color before filling the form. Many hoverboard giveaways are very particular about the color as they would like to know which color hoverboard does people like most. So select the color carefully. Provide them the best value and accurate information and get your board. Win win situation for both the manufacturer and the customer.

No need of giving back the hoverboard after testing. 

How to get free hoverboard here?

  • Select the color you want
  • Fill the form given by the manufacturer with accurate data
  • Fill the available offers as many times as you can , so that you can maximize the chances of getting shortlisted to get the free board. ( Each time you click the link a new form appears)
  • Enjoy the free hoverboards giveaway here.

Want a Hoverboard? Get a Hoverboard